Sunday, April 21, 2013

"I'M A COWBOY!!!!"

We are on our way home from a long weekend in Illinois. Maria got to attend Ebertfest, Roger Ebert's film festival. Adrienne was our wonderful hostess. She and my sister watched Gus while I worked. All of us went to see the movie, Bernie, on Thursday night, and tried to get home only to find that Adrienne now owned island property and we couldn't drive back to the house to Gus and the babysitter. What an exciting adventure. We were able to hike and wade in to the house and escort the babysitter back out to where our cars were and take her home. We highly recommend seeing "Bernie" and strongly recommend avoiding flood  zones!

It was such a gorgeous day today that we wanted to take a little walk before our long drive home. We came across a place that did horseback rides so we thought we'd see how Gus felt about horses because we've heard so much about how wonderful riding is for kids with CP. It really opens their hips. They asked if we wanted to do a pony ride and we said, "Well, yes, but can we? And are you equipped to do it safely?" The pictures tell the rest of the story.

This was such a sweet horse. We spent lots of time petting him.

Here's Danny, Gus's mount

Check out those cheeks - they are puffed out in a wide grin!

They told him to hang onto the pommel of the saddle and instead he took the reins like a pro. He said to the lady he rode with, "I'm a cowboy!" I see boots in our future.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Some joy and laughter on a gloomy day

Our hearts have been heavy for another set of special needs parents who just lost their 5 1/2 yr old son last night. The thought of losing our child strikes a chord of fear horribly deep and our thoughts and prayers go out to PA to this family. Their blog is here,

Then to hear the news about the Boston Marathon today is just awful, too. And, I learned that the 26th mile was dedicated to Sandy Hook Elementary and that some of the families went to Boston to cheer people on during that last mile. I really hope none of them were directly affected by today's events. They have been through so much already.

So, I thought I'd upload a video of our boy being goofy and eating up seeing himself on camera. He loves to end his days snuggled right in between us on the coach talking, tickling, reading books, and getting his double loving. Which is right where I want to have spent the entire day so I'm looking forward to our evening together holding each other tightly!

Love and hug all of your special people, too!