About Us

Maria and Christi met August 23, 1998, at MCC, a church in Cincinnati. 10 weeks later, Christi moved to Portland, OR. Maria eventually moved out there, too, and we exchanged vows on Aug 23, 2000. We moved back to Cincinnati together in late Summer/early Fall of 2001.

Gus came into our lives 11 weeks early in January of 2011. He's the best thing to ever happen to us! He has Cerebral Palsy and PVL so we do lots of therapies with him, especially a non-traditional one called ABM, Anat Baniel Method.

Maria had a kidney transplant in 2003 and eventually resigned herself to quitting the paid workforce so she does all sorts of creative things like photography, stained glass, electronic media, volunteering at the Cinti Zoo, and, most recently, caring for Gus full time.

Christi is a Recruiter for Santa Rosa Consulting, a health IT consulting firm.

In 2010 we bought a house out in the sticks in Morrow, OH, northeast of Cincinnati, where we live together with 4 dogs and Maria's mom, Grandma Carol.

Back before Gus when we had time and money, we were very active at Queen City Dog Training Club where we trained our dogs and taught classes. We have dabbled in agility, obedience, rally, tracking, and herding.


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