Saturday, June 25, 2016

Completely different direction for Maria

Well, yesterday they said they were definitely going to take out the kidney and today they said they aren't. Based on some of the other test results, they do not feel her pituitary is affecting her glandular functions. They started giving her thyroid medicine and her diarrhea stopped. She has hyperthyroidism - they mentioned Graves disease. And they are trying to balance her hormones to fix the other glandular stuff. As of this moment, they feel that might just cover it.

They did a gastric emptying study yesterday and it came out normal.

Her nausea is mostly controlled and just down to the "normal" nausea and vomiting she always has when she's on dialysis.

They haven't mentioned how long they want her here. No one has come back to talk more about the rehab once she gets out of here. I guess if their care plan of treating the thyroid and hormones work, then we'll start talking about that stuff next.

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!

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