Monday, December 3, 2012

Inching forward - literally!

In Gus's last 2 clusters of ABM lessons - 1 cluster with Marcy in Chicago and the last one with Jon in Fort Wayne, IN, he has made huge strides during and since.

Marcy worked mostly on helping Gus get himself into sitting. I asked him this morning if he wanted to sit up and he rolled to the side first without me reminding him and had a lot of momentum for sitting up. I barely touched him!

Check out this video of his lessons with Jon, who worked a lot on loosening his hips and crawling. He has actually started to inch forward on his belly! Look at how well he is using his elbows to lean. You can see in this video he still has trouble getting his left arm out from under him but that has been getting better and better. Things are taking shape for crawling now!

It's a Christmas miracle!

And, even though we left Gus at home for this amazing adventure, I can't help but bubble over about our amazing time yesterday going to work with our friend, Alicia, who works with cheetahs, other cats, and some other animals. We adored meeting and touching their African Porcupine, who is one sweet boy. And how many people can say they've played with a cheetah?

Alicia who made it all possible and gets to do this every day at work!

Savannah's "More, please!" look
Adrienne and Savannah

Christi and Savannah

Maria and Savannah

There's not much left to ask for for Christmas! How blessed we are!