Monday, June 27, 2016

Using the "D" word!

Yep, they used the D word today - discharge!

I guess they feel like they have things figured out with the hormone and thyroid stuff. They are just making sure she holds steady and they are looking for a rehab unit with an available bed. We're really hoping that she can regain some strength. My poor girl is just wiped out and so weak from being so sick.

I'm sorry if you've called or texted or Facebooked or messaged and haven't reached either of us! I have gone back to work full time (and then some). Maria has dialysis Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and she is always really especially wiped out from that. When I talked to her this afternoon she was going to try to get a nap. We aren't even going to have time to see each other today. :(

We have a plan in place for Gus for July 5-8 also. It's just amazing how many of you are willing to jump in and help us out! Thank you so much!

We have definitely asked for and received help this past week - much appreciation to those of you who helped and those of you who offered!

We don't really know yet how long Maria will be in rehab. A couple years ago when she did it, she was there for 3 weeks. She's on private insurance now, though. so not sure what they will allow.
Leaving the hospital is hard when we have to leave Mama Mo behind.

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